Canyon strive 8

Canyon strive 8

They say no single bike can do it all. In Downhill mode, the Strive mows through the gnarliest descents. Press the Shapeshifter paddle and this enduro machine immediately morphs into a trail bike that rockets up climbs. Smart, versatile and, yeah, crazy fast—this is Strive.

In Uphill mode, you get steeper angles and a firmer ride feel for more efficient climbing.

Canyon Strive CF 8.0 Race

In Downhill mode the slacker head angle, lower center of gravity, and a full millimeters of rear suspension let you rail the rowdiest descents with complete control.

Co-developed with the suspension gurus at FOX and race-proven by the top team in the Enduro World Series, Shapeshifter is surprisingly simple.

No complicated, proprietary shocks required.

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Through the mid-stroke the shock provides a stable platform, letting the rider put maximum power through the pedals, keep their speed up over uneven ground, and accelerate hard out of berms. And on truly massive hits, the shock ramps up progressively at the end of its stroke, giving you total suspension travel when you need it most.

Every Strive model features a full carbon chassis, which we offer in two grades of carbon fiber. Strive CF frames provide you with a durable, stiff ride. CFR frames offer that same enduring performance yet shed an incredible grams. Internal cable routing give the Strive a clean look, silent operation, and adds protection from the elements.

Rear through axles increase frame stiffness and stability. We took it one very smart step further by integrating the lever inside the axle itself. If you're a heavy-hitter looking for an enduro sled or a part-time park bike that can still be fun on your local trails, then this is the bike for you. Our customer support experts are waiting to answer your questions. We will send you a link you can use to create a new password.

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Women Road. Women Mountain. See the bikes. Braydon Bringhurst: Interpret. Reset Close. Strive CF 7.Per quanto riguarda il funzionamento nel dettaglio vi rimandiamo a questo articolo di Daniel Naftali, limitandoci qui a riassumerne le caratteristiche principali. In assetto DH gli angoli si aprono di 1. Scorrendo la tabella delle geometrie colpiscono i mm di chainstay, quota molto contenuta per una bici di questa tipologia.

Notare come le quote della versione Race sono praticamente shiftate avanti di una taglia rispetto a quelle della versione Regular, nel senso che la L della versione Regular corrisponde praticamente ad una M della Race.

Canyon dichiara infatti 2. Il nero opaco del telaio in carbonio evidenzia in alcuni punti la classica finitura di questo materiale, volutamente lasciata in vista. Mai avuto una sola caduta di catena durante tutto il test. Peccato che il Reverb con mm di abbassamento non sia disponibile nel diametro di Anzi, anche meglio se si considera il sag contenuto della sospensione settata a mm di travel.

canyon strive 8

La Float 36 non dispone invece di un comando che ne permetta il blocco o quasi con un click. Chiudendo entrambi i registri della compressione si ottiene un effetto molto simile, ma si tratta di una soluzione molto meno pratica e poco attuabile in caso di salite brevi e frequenti. Al netto del peso globale e di quello del set ruote che a pari fascia saranno inevitabilmente maggiori, le sensazioni sono in definitiva molto simili a quelle che si hanno pedalando una buona all mountain. La maggiore altezza da terra del movimento centrale abbinata al minore sag permette inoltre di mantenere una pedalata costante senza il timore di picchiare i pedali sul terreno.

Ottima in salita ed in generale nel pedalato, in discesa la Strive CF 8. Fianco della copertura posteriore tagliato alla prima uscita.

Peso rilevato tg. Mountain bike magazine: news, test, gare, mercatino, foto, video e molto altro ancora legato al mondo della bici fuoristrada. Segnalibro salvato con successo. Segnalibro cancellato con successo.

Questo sito contribuisce all'audience de. Test canyon. Leggi tutti i commenti. Le nuove Canyon Nerve, Spectral e Torque in dettaglio.Canyon sell their bikes online, they ship Down Under to your door all the way from their headquarters in Germany, that is until an Australian warehousing system is put in place.

Here is our in-depth Canyon piece — Canyon Down Under.

Canyon Strive 8.0 2019

From the aggressive frame geometry to the generous travel to the beefy components the Strive is a whole lot of bike. Sitting in between the or m travel Canyon Spectral A longer bike coupled with a short stem will result in quick handling but with room for stability at speed. All the cables travel internally via nice little rubberised ports, and while we did hear some rattling at times from the rear brake line inside the frame we found it all pretty easy to work with when we had to shorten and re-route anthing through the frame.

The main pivot is right down low just above the bottom bracket, and all the fastening hardware is super tough and solid feeling, never did we need to pay any attention to the linkages or pivots during our review. Canyon Enduro Factory Team rider Fabien Barel was seen testing and racing a secret prototype Strive for quite some time with what looked like an old wetsuit bootie covering the rear shock area from view, but we could still see a remote lever at the bars.

What on earth were they working on, a hidden motor? The Shapeshifter is a Canyon developed system that switches the rear shock between two positions via a button at the bars — climb and descend mode. The Shapeshifter sets the Strive apart from all the other brands in this hotly contested area of the market.

Not taking anything away from these two excellent bikes, the Strive succeeds in this task using a standard shock. See the little air chamber behind the upper shock mount?

How does it work? It does take some time to get used to knowing what mode you are in. But with a bit of practice it should become second nature. Time to let the brakes off! Zip-tied to the bike in the box is a nifty quick setup guide to help find a base setting for air pressures and shock adjustments according to rider weight.

We followed their guide and found it to be spot on. And the Ergon Ge1 Slim grips are also a new fave at Flow, keeping in both the German national and blue colour themes nicely. The trails of Red Hill proved to be an excellent testing ground, their fast and raw nature made up for the lack of elevation the Strive strives for ha, we said strive twice then and we punched out as many runs as possible. The length of the frame promotes you to really push harder and faster, and the stability from such a long top tube gives us major courage to let the brakes off and really punch it harder.

Under brakes the suspension remained nicely active, and the level of anti-squat was right on the money — not too firm — just right. The front end might be long, but the chainstays are quite short at mm, much shorter than the bikes previously mentioned above but only 1mm longer than the chainstay length category leading Specialized Enduro b.

Like we said earlier this is one very stiff frame, and the SRAM Rail 50 wheels also feel quite rigid when pushed around, so if we were ever a little off line or ragged through a fast section of trail we had the confidence to grip on tight and ride it out. But that is how you pay for the mega stability, fair is fair. Climbing uphill, this bike makes you want to sell two bikes, and just buy this one. Pivot Mach 6 — Review here. Specialized Enduro S-Works b — Review here. Giant Reign Trek Slash 9.

Norco Range C 7. Polygon Collosus N9 — Review here.By Guy Kesteven. The Strive AL 8. Setting the sag via the little dial is easy, and the back end feels outrageously smooth and sensitive, even with relatively high pressures, so comfort and small bump tracking is excellent.

Unfortunately, the super fluid, needle bearing mounted shock movement and its linear damper tune mean it slams right through its travel with minimum provocation.

The fork is similarly linear. Even in Trail mode the combination of thumping bottom-out and little to push against in the shock also makes it really hard to pump and flow through rolling boulder or rhythm pack sections, and we regularly stalled out unless we stabbed the pedals where we could.

The steep seat angle also means rider weight and position is pushed forward. The result is that even though the wheelbase, bottom bracket height and steering angles look right on paper, the Strive actually feels much steeper and shorter on the trail. The mm RaceFace pipe felt decidedly under leveraged, so when the Strive lost the plot it was much harder to grab it back. Things got better in terms of ride stability if we over-pressured the fork and stuffed the rear shock with volume-reducing spacers but, unsurprisingly, that really compromised bump control.

The suspension and bar issues are a real shame too, as in terms of stiffness the Strive is absolutely excellent, with no trace of flex across the back wheel through the massive low-set chainstays.

canyon strive 8

For racers or those guys riding harder we will offer models with other shocks RockShox Monarch Plus and Fox Float Xwhich are more progressive and give more feedback in the middle stroke for better cornering and hard G-outs. The swoopy hydroformed mainframe pipes and chainstay are reinforced with a riot of extra hollow gusset sections.

ISCG, post-mount brake and x12mm axle boxes are all ticked, though, and tyre clearance is good. Internal gear cable and Stealth post routing keeps things neat, while the front mech cable even has a swivelling stop for perfect alignment. The needle bearing mounted shock is driven through a low set Box linkage complete with a neat red anodised sag indicator wheel.

The mm RaceFace bar is narrow for the category, though, and the Fox dampers are a disappointment too. Canyon Strive AL 8. Our rating. August 21, at am. Latest deals.

Our review On paper the Canyon looks the bike to beat, but on fast, technical trails it was an overly linear disappointment. Skip to view product specifications. Canyon strive al 8. Guy Kesteven. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. Mountain bike wheel sizes: 26in, b and 29in explained. You may also like.Compare to other Bikes. Need more info? Vital MTB. Clipless Pedals Flat Pedals. Saddles Seatpost Collars Seatposts. Glasses Goggles.

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canyon strive 8

History Lesson: Chainsmoke Now Digitized 5. Remember These? Spank Hex Drive Hubs High 3. Now available at The Gravity Cartel. Most Popular. Bike of the Day: Willkoed AB3 31 Bike of the Day: Kona Hei Hei 4 Free shipping on complete bike purchases continental U.

Free U. Option 1: mm Option 2: mm. Canyon Website.Could the new Strive be one of the best all-rounders out there? By Robin Weaver. Canyon has now called upon suspension giants Fox to bring in its hydraulic know-how, in a bid to make the Shapeshifter 2.

As well as being more ergonomic, this now has three functions. Finally, the lever underneath operates the dropper post. To house the bigger 29in wheels, Canyon has created a whole new full-carbon frame. In fact, there are two to choose from — the CF, seen here, and the CFR, which Canyon claims is just as stiff but g lighter, and correspondingly pricier.

The CF 8. Out back, a Fox DPX2 shock takes care of the mm of rear wheel travel. You also get a Fox Transfer post, which is easily operated from the three-button Shapeshifter 2. Hit the Click button, get out of the saddle and put power through the pedals, and the Strive feels taut and eager to get moving.

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Unlike the original Shapeshifter, this revised 2. The back end remains active though, which I appreciated on rougher climbs. This opens up the full mm of rear travel and slackens the head angle, albeit to a relatively conservative 66 degrees.

In this mode, I was impressed by the controlled back end, which felt composed in every situation I encountered. It tracks the terrain well but offers enough support to keep the ride dynamic, with sufficient end-stroke control to take really big hits.

Finding the best compromise between supple bump absorption and support takes patience and experimentation. While the carbon wheels are rapid to spin up to speed, giving the Strive a lively feel when mashing the pedals, they can feel fidgety when tackling technical root spreads and deliver a bit more feedback through the bar on rough trails than similar alloy wheels. Overall, it feels ultra-capable and composed.

I still feel Canyon could make a more extreme downhill mode, which alters its angles further. Rob is a riding encyclopaedia of bikes and kit. He spends a lot of time travelling the world for the latest product launches and organising how and where Bikeradar's and MBUK's gear gets tested.

Canyon Strive CF 8. March 19, at am. Latest deals. Pros: New Shapeshifter is easy to use and works well; rear suspension feels composed and controlled; dynamic, lively and playful ride. Skip to view product specifications.

canyon strive 8

The new Shapeshifter 2. Russell Burton.

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The controlled back end felt composed in every situation I tried. It tracks the terrain well but offers enough support to keep the ride dynamic. I was impressed by the controlled back end, which felt composed in every situation I encountered.

Robin Weaver Technical-editor-in-chief.A professional technician can deliver, build, and dial in your e-bike. Enter your 5-digit postcode to check if velofix's mobile bike shops are available to deliver your new e-bike. Want to get the most bang for your buck? The Strive CF 7. Conventional wisdom says that if a rig can rail a steep, technical downhill like a DH bike it has to be an absolute pig on the climbs.

No single bike can do it all, right? Well, the Strive CF 8.

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Using the Shapeshifter system of the Strive CF 9. Whether you need a competent climber or a downhill weapon, with just the push of a button the Strive adapts to whatever type of trail lies ahead.

Canyon Strive AL 8.0 review

Ready, set, shred. We developed the Bike Guard box ourselves, to ensure your bike gets to you in perfect condition.

On all Canyon-manufactured parts frame, road bike fork, cockpit, etc. Strive CF 8. See components.

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Compare this bike. FOX's 36 forks have a well-deserved reputation for providing outstanding control on the roughest tracks. The verdict is in: Shimano knocked it out of the park with their latest XT drivetrain. The new XT 1x12 shifter and derailleur combo provide quick and consistent shifting in the most demanding conditions.

Your wheels can never give up the ghost—not even when massive rocks and roots come calling. This category includes all bikes from categories In addition it includes use on very harsh, obstacle-scattered terrain with steep gradients and consequently higher speeds.

Regular, moderate jumps pose no problem for experienced riders when using these bikes. Due to increased stresses, these bikes should be checked for damage after every ride.

Full suspension bikes with mid-level travel are typical in this category.